Name  Position  Phone  Term Expires
     Thomas Little  Chairperson  362-8772 January  2019
     Dr. Daniel Houlihan  Vice-Chairperson  267-4254 January  2019
     Rachel Androli    Director  317-1543 January  2021
     Jeff Stangler  Director  362-8048 January  2021
     Gary Michael  Treasurer  330-0500 January  2019
     Pam Baker  Director  327-3008  January  2019
     Jay Schneider  Clerk  362-4971 January  2021

    WEM School Board meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of each month with the third Monday as an alternative if the 4th Monday is a holiday.

    Meeting times are 6:00 PM in the WEM Board Room in Waterville.

    Special Meetings will be conducted the second Thursday of the month if possible.


    School Board Standards