• WELCOME TO WEM'S COUNSELING WEBSITE! The goal of WEM's School Counseling Program is to meet the needs of all students, personally and academically, in an empathetic, proactive, accessible and professional manner. We believe that a comprehensive counseling and guidance program is an essential part of education for all students, at all levels. These programs facilitate student development in educational, career, and social/personal domains. Our program helps promote responsible, productive citizenship and lifelong learning. High School Counselors work with students in acquiring guidance competencies that form the foundation for the next educational and occupational levels as well as address personal, social and mental health concerns. They assist students to develop realistic educational, life and career plans based on a clear understanding of themselves, their needs, interests, and skills.
    Welcome back students! I look forward to working with students and families this school year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
    Leah Anderson - High School Counselor - Grades 9-12
    500 East Paquin St. Waterville, MN 56096
    507-362-4431 ext. 233
    Please check our counseling calendar (on our main counseling page https://www.wem.k12.mn.us/Page/1217) for upcoming events, college rep visits, and more!