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The ala carte system of items and prices (all prices are subject to change) are available only in students in the 9-12 grades.  Everyone must have money in their accounts to purchase off this line.  This includes full paid, reduced, and free priced students.  This line is also set up to make a reimbursable meal.  You have to take three of the five food groups.  French fries do not count,  they are always an extra cost.

Lunch money is handled by a computerized system.  Each student should give his/her assigned number to the computer operator when they go through the lunch line.  The lunch will be charged against the balance in each child's lunch account.

 Parents will need to send money (preferably a check) in an envelope with the student's grade, name, and account number written on the front of the envelope. Students should take their lunch money to the cafeteria in the morning.  Checks and cash cannot be accepted from students when they go through the lunch line.

The Waterville building operates on one computer system.  The Morristown building operates from a different computer system.  If you have a child in each building, please indicate on the check the amount to be deposited in each child's account.  It is very helpful if you would send separate checks for the two different areas.

Milk break money should be paid for separately from breakfast/lunch.  Please send a separate check to you child 's building. 

It is recommended that parents keep a positive lunch balance by depositing at least one week's worth of lunch money in their child's account.  Parents can pay in advance for one month or greater.

When a student's account has a balance of $4.00, a slip will be given to the student by the lunchroom clerk.  When the account has a deficit balance, the student will be allowed to charge only one lunch or breakfast.  Additional charges to a negative account will result in the students receiving a peanut butter or cheese sandwich at a cost of 80 cents.  The student will be expected to bring lunch money the following day.

All students purchasing a second meal or an extra milk will have their account charged the regular price for that item, no matter if the student is on full, reduced, or free meal program.  If your child is eligible for free lunch, you may deposit money into their account to cover a second meal or ANY milk purchases.  Students bringing a cold lunch and wishing to purchase milk must have money in their account.

W-E-M Schools has a


for grades K-12.

School Board Policy states that all students are expected to stay on the school property during the noon hour.

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