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Why not build a new school?

According to our community survey, community members have strong feelings on both sides of this issue. Many see the efficiency and opportunity for greater collaboration of consolidating our students in one building. In addition, they see the current facilities as too old to repair. On the other side, and this was a majority, many people believe the facilities are salvageable. They also see the value of schools in Waterville and Morristown. And they see renovations as more cost effective than building a new school. The school board chose to listen to the majority and chose the renovation plan.

I don’t have any students in the district. I am on a fixed income. Why should I support these levies?

Education is the first step to an effective workforce. What students learn today could fuel the Waterville-Elysian-Morristown community’s economy tomorrow. Our district provides students with opportunities to explore different career paths and prepare for the work they’re passionate about as soon as possible. The bond levy would provide for a safe, secure, more comfortable learning environment with adequate space for early learners and career and technical programming.


Is there a high cost to farmers?

State law requires a school district operating levy on the fair market value of homes and businesses, and on one acre of land surrounding a farm homestead. State law requires a school district bond levy on the fair market value of home, businesses and total farm property. However, the new School Building Bond Agricultural Credit (AG2School) pays 40% of taxes specific to school bond payments on ag land. Taxes are automatically decreased by 40% on the Property Tax Statement of any ag landowner.

It is important to note that the Ag2School tax credit is permanent law in Minnesota – it has no automatic sunset date. It would take specific legislative action, and the governor’s approval, to revoke this tax credit. This tax reform is a commitment that we all stand by for Greater Minnesota School Districts.

by Senator Julie Rosen, (R), District 23

Where can I get property tax information?

Contact your county assessor's office at the numbers found on our Election Information page.

Can I deduct the taxes paid on my State and Federal Income Taxes?

If you itemize deductions for federal income taxes, you may deduct all property taxes paid.


What is a Levy? Bond?

Levies are for learning; bonds are for buildings.

An operating levy is for funds that the district uses to run and operate its schools. Levies are for running the educational programs at the school and funds go to the district’s general fund.

Bond levies are for funds that the school district uses for new construction, updates to existing facilities, and other additions to school properties.

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