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What is the Plan?

The plan is to update our facilities both behind the scenes and in the classroom. Everything from heating and cooling, safety and security, code compliance, and of course academics are involved in this proposal.

Heating and Cooling Systems

  • It’s not sexy but it’s time for our old boilers (some from the 1950’s!), piping and classroom air exchangers to be replaced with modern, efficient heating and cooling systems at all buildings to provide improved air flow and temperature control.


  • All elementary school classrooms will be updated.
  • Significant upgrades will be made to high school science classrooms and labs, and career and technical education shops to create additional space and provide equipment for 21st century instruction.
  • Four new classrooms will be added to increase space for pre-school and elementary classes.

Safety and Security

  • At each school entrance: new drop-off lanes to separate car and bus traffic and keep children out of the path of vehicles.
  • New secure entry ways.
  • New security monitoring and fire alert systems.

ADA Code Compliance

  • At the high school, ADA accessible public restrooms will be built near the gym.
  • At both the middle school and high school accessible restrooms and changing rooms will be built to bring us up to code.

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