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What Parents, Staff, and Neighbors Have to Say

Strong Schools. Strong Communities

A school brings together the community for common interests, togetherness, team building, setting common goals, and enhanced relationships. A school brings jobs, leadership, a place where kids and parents can learn and grow as a community rather than individually. I love our WEM community.

Sabrina Frodl, Parent

Our schools are a necessity for our communities. It’s about creating desirable neighborhoods and having the right kind of community. Schools bring that to a town.

Ryan Knish, Business Owner and Parent

The school is a unifying aspect of our community. We gather to support and celebrate our youth and parents connect with one another. In addition, having a school within our WEM community positively impacts property values, business growth and supports a strong future for our towns.

Brenda Heuss, Parent

This building referendum is about providing a safe, quality environment conducive to learning.  As a graduate and now a parent of students in the district, I am committed to seeing WEM strong. I am proud of our students, our schools, and our communities!  I am extremely thankful for the generations before me that said “Yes” to education. Several years ago a colleague of mine encouraged me with these words, 'physical possessions will come and go, but no one can ever take away your education'.

Shannon (James) Kuball, Alumni, Parent, Community Member, Therapist, and Farmer

My husband and I moved to this community so we could have our children enrolled in smaller schools that focused on the individual student versus having them lost in the classroom. Having our child enrolled in WEM has been a fantastic experience for him and he has mentioned several times not wanting to move if it meant leaving his school.  A strong educational foundation is so important for our children and for a growing community.

Heidi Kalbow, Parent

Strong schools and strong communities go hand in hand. We teach students to have pride in their schools and their communities, through our use of BUCS PRIDE. In the aftermath of recent storms our students stepped out to lend a helping hand to our communities.

Anna Skidmore, Teacher and Parent

Building Age

Because of my work, I am very familiar with the facilities infrastructure needs. Our schools are in dire need of mechanical system renovations. The overall majority of these systems were installed in 1971 and several are older than that. Sourcing needed repair parts for these systems is incredibly challenging.

Jim Hilpipre, Businessman and Parent

It’s important to understand the lifespan of things. Everything cannot be maintained to last forever.

Ryan Knish, Business Owner and Parent

Just like most people are not relying on a 40-plus year-old vehicle for their everyday transportation – the school cannot be expected to rely on outdated systems for their everyday needs.

Jim Hilpipre, Businessman and Parent

Teaching has changed since our facilities were built. Public schools are called to provide learning opportunities for students of all ages, regardless of their abilities or interests. Our special education classrooms, as well as our career/technical education and science education spaces at WEM, are simply not serving our students as they should.

Lori (Hermel) DeMars, Alumni and Parent

The mechanical issues are not going away and are only compounding, costing all of us unnecessary expenses to keep a comfortable and healthy environment for our students.

Jim Hilpipre, Businessman and Parent

Our average building age is older than any surrounding district and 16 years older than the state average. The high school was built during the Great Depression. Some of our heating boilers were built during the Truman administration. Our kids are impacted daily by deficient infrastructure. This limits students’ ability to learn effectively.

Rachel Androli, School Board Director

Small Class Sizes

We are blessed to have a school within our small communities. Our children have the opportunity to connect with teachers due to small class sizes, try a variety of activities and find their passion rather than get lost in a sea of students.

Brenda Heuss, Parent


It is important to note that the Ag2School tax credit is permanent law in Minnesota – it has no automatic sunset date. It would take specific legislative action, and the governor’s approval, to revoke this tax credit. This tax reform is a commitment that we all stand by for Greater Minnesota School Districts.

Julie Rosen, Senator (R), District 23

Safety & Security

I do not ever want to receive a phone call or hear on the news that my child's safety is at risk. If a student isn't safe at school - where they are supposed to feel safe?

Heidi Kalbow, Parent
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