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What Will it Cost Me?

The district strives to manage taxpayer dollars wisely; our current ag, business and residential school property taxes are lower than all, but one neighboring school district, and significantly less than the state average. We are required by law to hold an election to raise funds for building and maintenance needs. This plan was proposed after consulting with members of all three of our communities and involved a long process to address only the most vital needs of our facilities.

Visit the online tax calculator to find your tax impact.

The new School Building Bond Agricultural Credit (AG2School) the Ag2School Credit pays 40% of taxes specific to School Bond payments on Ag Land. Taxes are automatically decreased by 40% on the Property Tax Statement of any Ag landowner.

It is important to note that the Ag2School tax credit is permanent law in Minnesota – it has no automatic sunset date. It would take specific legislative action, and the governor’s approval, to revoke this tax credit. This tax reform is a commitment that we all stand by for Greater Minnesota School Districts.

by Senator Julie Rosen
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