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Why Now?

We are facing many facility issues that need to be addressed. Residents of our communities asked the district to address inadequacies in a timely manner, and costs will only continue to increase due to inflation. This proposal is both cost-effective and impactful in meeting student needs, equipping our facilities for modern educational needs, and preparing our district for future success.

  • Facility deficiencies aren’t just going to go away – sections needing upgrades were built during the Eisenhower administration nearly 70 years ago and aren’t compliant with current code. Security and safety are issues.
  • Kids are impacted daily – we are simply out of space which means student opportunities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), art, band, phy. ed., and other academics are not staying competitive.
  • Competition from neighboring districts is fierce – facilities updates in Cleveland, JWP, Tri-City United, and Waseca could draw our students away to other districts. Even though this year’s enrollment is up slightly, we already lose about 100 students per year to other districts – facilities no doubt play a part. At $6,500 per student, that’s a $650,000 loss per year to the district.
  • Our heritage is at stake all our communities’ existence and the success of our schools are dependent upon each other – numerous national studies show property values increase near good schools; numerous Minnesota studies show decline in rural populations when schools close.
  • Voters asked the district to try again – 58% of residents surveyed support a new referendum
  • Ag2School tax credit is in place – making the proposal more equitable for all residents

"Our average building age is older than any surrounding district and 16 years older than the state average. The high school was built during the Great Depression. Some of our heating boilers were built during the Eisenhower administration. Our kids are impacted daily by deficient infrastructure. This limits students’ ability to learn effectively."

Rachel Androli, School Board Director
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