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WEM Community Education


Upcoming Events/ Courses ** Summer 2022

Drivers' Education
WEM School Age Child Care (SACC)
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) / School Readiness
2022-2023 Litte Bucs Preschool Information
2022 Summer Swimming Lessons Registration (July 11-22, 11am, in LeCenter) Looking for a job... You can also get lined up to be a "Life Guard". Contact Dorothy Dinwiddie by email -
2022 Summer Youth Basketball Camp Registration (June 13-16, 8:30-9:45 am & 10:00 - 11:30 am)
2022 Summer Babysitter Training Course Registration (June 6 & 7, 9am - 1PM, bring your lunch and a baby doll!)
Summer 2022 T-Ball Registration

NEY NATURE CENTER (LeSueur County) SUMMER 2022 Offerings "Inspiring Appreciation and Respect for Nature". Check out the opportunities for Kids and Adults  presented by the Ney Nature Center at LeSueur County Park  & at Ray's Lake in Elysian! (Archery June 5, 9-11 am & Fishing June 12 9-11 am) On-line registrations are available if you follow the link above! Activities for All Ages!

Positive Mindset Class
Be Positive and Stay Positive
Heather Behr - Positive Mindset Coach

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Having a positive mindset means making positive thinking a habit, continually searching for the silver lining, and making the best out of any situation you find yourself in.

Through fun, interactive group discussions, you'll understand the effects of negative self-talk, learn how to reframe your thoughts with positivity, and feel more confident in yourself.

This 8-week course will meet at the WEM High School building on Mondays, May 16, 23, June 6, 13, 20, 27, July 11 and 18. (Room TBD) The cost for this session is $100 per person. Online payment can be made by clicking on the link found at the end of the online registration form.

Register for 2022 Positive Mindset

Most Community Education activities can be paid for via PaySchools.

Also, check out the fun and educational activities happening at our local public libraries.

Summer Reading Schedule at the Elysian Area & Waterville Public Libraries
See the schedule below and for more detailed information checkout the links to both Locations.
Waterville Link
Elysian Link
May 11 -
Paint on Canvas with Marlene 6 pm,
Elysian Library Age 13- Adult
May 16- Book Talk (Fire Keepers Daughter- Boulley) 6 pm,
Elysian Library Ages (Read the book and join) Adults
May 23-Level Up-Stop Motion Lego (Star Wars & Harry Potter) 6pm,
Elysian Library Ages 7-12
June 1—Moana Party @
Waterville  Library 2:30pm Ages 6-12 

June 2—Romp & Rhyme Story Time 10am  @ Lake Francis Beach Elysian Ages 3-6 
June 3—Seashell Collage 10am @ Elysian  Library Ages 9-12 
June 7—Native Pride Dancers 10am @  Main Street Venue, Elysian 
June 8—Punk Skunks Story Walk 4-7pm @  Lions Park, Waterville 
June 11—Teen Life Skills 9am @ Elysian  Library
June 13—Perpetual Vaudeville Show 4pm  @ Lake Francis Park, Elysian 
June 13—Romp & Rhyme Story Time  10am @ Lions Park Waterville Ages 3-6 
June 15—Morse Code Bracelets 6pm  Ages 13-18 @ Waterville Library 
June 18—Genealogy Club 9am @ Waterville Library 
June 23—Clay Creations 2pm @ Waterville  Senior Center Ages 10-12 
June 25—Oil Pastels 10am @ Elysian Library Ages 18+ 
June 27—Dig It! 11am @ Waterville Library 
July 1 & 2—Book Sale @ Elysian Library  during regular library hours. 
July 5—Action Figure Terrariums 2pm @  Waterville Library 
July 7—Romp & Rhyme Story Time 10am  @ Lake Francis Beach Elysian Ages 3-6 
July 7—Drones 11 am @ Sunset Park  Elysian Ages 13-18 
July 11—Romp & Rhyme Story Time 10am  @ Lions Park Waterville Ages 3-6 
July 11—Taiko Drumming 1pm @ Lake Francis Park Elysian  All ages. 
July 13—Comfort Boxes 3pm @ Waterville Library Ages 9-12 
July 16—Genealogy Club 9am @ Waterville Library Ages 18+ 
July 18—Paper Beads 6pm , Ages 18+ @ Waterville Library 
July 21—Middle School Rules with author  Sean Jensen, 7-12  10am @ Elysian Library Ages  
July 23—Tea Party 10am @ Elysian  Library Ages 18+ 
July 25—Pirate Party 6pm @ Elysian  Library Ages 7-12 
July 26—Be An Animal: Mask &  Movement 10am @ Elysian Library 
July 27—Be An Animal: Mask & Movement 2pm @ Waterville Senior  Center
August 4—Romp & Rhyme Story Time  10am @ Lake Francis Beach Elysian  Ages 3-6
August 8—Romp & Rhyme Story Time  10am @ Lions Park Waterville Ages 3-6 
August 13—How to Train Your Dragon  Party 10am @ Elysian Library Ages 7-12 
August 16—Tea Party 2pm Ages 18+  @ Waterville Library 
August 17—Farmhouse Books 6pm Ages 18+  @ Elysian Library 
August 20—Genealogy Club 9am Ages 18+ @ Waterville Library
August 24- Shero Basics, 3pm @ Waterville Library, Ages 9-12


 Official MN Hunter Safety Course 
DNR Firearms Safety Certification is required of anyone born after December 31, 1979 to purchase a hunting license in Minnesota and to participate in the High School Clay Target League. Students must complete the online course and register for the field day. Students must also attend in-person field days. From time-to-time, the Waterville area has field days, which we will try to advertise; however, sites may also be found on the MN DNR site.

Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions about any of the Community Education activities, or you are interested in teaching a community education class, or you are interested in serving on the WEM Community Education Advisory Council, please contact Jeff Boran, Community Education Director at 507-362-4403 or

If you are unable to open a form or have other questions about registering and paying for Community Education, please contact Jeannie Morsching, Administrative Assistant at the Community Education office at 507-362-4403 or
Community Ed Staff

Jeff Boran
Community Education Director

Jeannie Morsching
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Holicky
School Age Care Coordinator

Hanna Kuhnley
WEM ECFE/ School Readiness Coordinator and Lead Teacher

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