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Snow Week Royalty Crowned
On Friday, February 19, WEM crowned a king and queen from the senior class as well as princes and princesses from the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes as part of the inaugural WEM Snow Week, which is February 20-27, 2021 to coincide with National FFA Week. The court was made up of three male and three female candidates from each grade level. They were selected by the teaching staff based on BUCS Pride traits. Each class level’s student body cast ballots for their grade’s royalty.

The student body and parents of the court were invited to coronation and wore masks, while others could watch the live-stream on NFHS Network as we needed to remain vigilant of large group gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recording is available in the "On Demand" tab for a limited time and is free to watch.

FFA / Snow Week 2021 Winners
King Kolin Rients, Queen Lindsay Condon
Junior Prince Kyle Schmitz, Princess Paige Atherton
Sophomore Prince Gavin Krantz, Princess Jessica Hilpipre
Freshman Prince Ahmad Alladin, Princess Lindy Caldwell

FFA / Snow Week 2021 Candidates
Seniors: Allison Rients, Toryn Richards, Lindsay Condon, Colten Henry, Aiden Snesrud, Kolin Rients
Juniors: Alex Huess, Emma Kuball, Paige Atherton, Damon Tolzman, Troy McBroom, Kyle Schmitz
Sophomores: Emma Woratschka, Jenessa Baumgarten, Jessica Hilpipre, Eli Wetzel, Gabe Androli, Gavin Krantz
Freshmen: Josie Volkmann, Kylie LaFrance, Lindy Caldwell, Dylan Holicky, Luke Michael, Ahmad Alladin

Snow Week coronation winners
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